Bent Billiard Cigar Holder Pipe

This pipe was a commission for a customer who’s only request was that the chamber be big enough to hold the stub end of his #62 cigars. In light of that, it ended up being a pretty big pipe, with a much larger chamber than I usually make. If you have something in mind, let me know.

Briar, Acrylic Stem

Dimensions, inches
6.25″ long, 1.75″ wide, 2.25″ tall
Chamber: 1″ wide X 1.75″ deep

Dimensions, mm
159mm long, 45mm wide, 57mm tall
Chamber: 26mm wide X 45mm deep

This pipe was contrast-stained using Fiebing’s Leather Dye in black, with a top coat of Watco Danish Oil in walnut. This was followed by a high level of polishing and a coat of carnauba wax.