About and Purchasing

Hello and thanks for the visit.

I’m Mr. Gray. I handcraft each of these pipes in Milwaukee, WI. This site is a home for me to share them and, occasionally, sell a couple. Let me know if you’d like one.

If something you like is already sold or you have something in mind, let me know. I only make these occasionally and I usually without much of a plan, so I’d be happy to work with you.

About my pipes

All of the pipes on this site are hand-carved by me. I use a small variety of wood species, including traditional Mediterranean briar, osage orange, olivewood, and hard maple. Some of the species, such as maple, will require a softer touch when breaking in and using, as they are more prone to scorching. The stems are all acrylic, unless otherwise noted, and are also hand-carved by me. Stems are held on via a nylon tenon and can be removed for cleaning your pipe.

How to Purchase

First off, thanks for your interest. I’ve avoided adding direct purchase e-commerce to this site for now. If a pipe isn’t marked ‘Sold’, then it’s available (most likely). You can send me a message and let me know you’d like to buy it. Once I confirm, you can transfer the funds to me via Venmo or Paypal and I’ll head to the post office. If a pipe is marked “available via Var Gallery”, please contact them for pricing and availability. I try to keep this site updated when they sell one, but sometimes I’m behind.

Send me a message – Sometimes, the email from this site isn’t the best, so you can also contact me on Instagram (@benjamin.gray).

Mr. Gray